Best places to post finished projects

I would like to know which are the best places to post finished projects and show them to large audiences. Kind of marketing of Webs.
The products would be: the web and the code.

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github, maybe

it depends what you mean about “show them to large audiences”


I mean oportunities to be checked or at leat have a look by potencial employers, other web developers or anyone related to this field.

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yeah, github is such a place

You can also use Github Pages to show how your projects look when compiled so if you have a portfolio you could have a link directly to a live demo hosted from your Github repository but it depends on what they are. For example you can’t show a working demo of a project that uses a database. I think you would have to host the DB somewhere.

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Github or Gitlab one of them or both if you want

  • Product Hunt
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
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I already knew twitter and reddit. But not product hunt. Thanks for the tip.
Might be I should reshape the question: how to networking with web developers, employers,…

Hello bro!
If you make good projects then you definitely need to publish on web!

There are too many options:-

  1. GitHub Repository
    github have very large people base.

  2. is also a good option because codepen also contain large amount of learners.

  3. Your own website it also be your portfolio!

Than you for thye answer. Yes as well.
so far, I have:

  • Github
  • Reddit
  • Product Hunt
  • My own web
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Networking with other developers: Twitter

what if I have just a tribute page, and in near future survey page. Git Hub as well?

Sure. At the end of the day it has to be a static website like this if you want to display something like a survey or tribute page which you can link from your portfolio page.

Also you’ll want to learn to use git to upload files to github which is easier in the long run than uploading files directly via github. Plus doing that will stop you from bloating your hard drive with project versions as you can just revert and download different versions or “commits” from github. Read like at least 2 chapters of the free Pro Git book to get started after you finish the YouTube video. Then you could use it to upload the tribute and survey page.

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question. How do we exactly network with other developers on twitter? I mean I use twitter for sharing my thoughts and all. But I have never really thought of using it as a platform to network with other developers. Could you give any tips?

I’m subscribed to people who talk about stuff I care and then I reply to their tweets.

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May I ask for some examples of solvent people regarding Web Development who presently are active in Twitter. The only ones I know are instructors as Stephen Grider, Brad Traversy. But for example Stephen Grider doesn’t reply any more to tweets (Probaby he is busy)

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I would enter some interesting hashtags into the twitter search,
e.g. #webdev #DEVCommunity #100DaysOfCode.

Then read the stuff and talk to them. After some conversations Twitter will give you some recommendations, they seem to be good.

I think it isn’t that useful to follow some big guys, because they mostly use it for promotional stuff so most replies are “Big thanks, best course ever.”/“Hate you, scam artist.”. Don’t get into the rabbit hole of emotional arguments.

And don’t follow people other people like, just follow people who do the same stuff but are a little bit above you, skills-wise. No need to follow Bill Gates.


Makes sense. I will do that.

Hi cortazar11,

So, the best places to post your finished projects are as follows:

  • Reddit
  • Github
  • Freelancing Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr
    I will recommend uploading your portfolio on all freelancing sites.

I am doing a kind of shorlist.
The problem with the Freelancing platforms is that require some professional (paid) experience already and I am looking for a entry-level platform,might be something where I could provide a Web App for free in exchange of start building a portfolio that I could show.