Best practice for linking images?

I’m currently working through the responsive web design projects and am adding photos to my projects. When adding images (mainly from Unsplash) how should I add them to my projects? I usually just copy the image location but I was wondering if the websites I’m linking too have a prefered method?

Hello there,

Specifically, for Unsplash, it would be kind of you to go through the effort of setting up an API account, to retrieve specific photos, and use hotlinking. This is useful for the maintainers of Unsplash, as well as the photographers, as it offers them analytics of how popular their images are.

That being said, it is not necessary, and using the base URL is fine. However, the image URL could become stale, and the image migrate without warning, leaving nothing but your alt.

Hope this little bit helps.

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Thank you, so for the time being it’s probably acceptable to use the URL for my projects on CodePen but once I start covering JS and begin making more serious projects I should start using their APIs :slight_smile:
My main concern was that linking URLs might be considered impolite or something!