Best ReactJS Course for 2020

Hi folks,

What courses or books for learning ReactJS in 2020 would you recommenced?



Anyone? Cheers :slight_smile:

Would highly recommend this course by Andrew Mead:

It’s a little dated so you’ll start off learning react without newer features like create-react-app or hooks, but this a good thing because there are still many projects that rely on older react code. He eventually covers these topics later in the course. The reason I LOVE this course is because the instructor is so good at explaining things. His ability to explain things so concisely makes it incredibly easy to follow along. In many videos he will require you to write your own code to reinforce what you’ve just learned, something I wish more instructors would do. Overall I can’t think of another course that comes close to this one. Just be sure you have a basic understanding of web fundamentals (html, css, js, and some node).

Hope this helps!

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Lovely thank you, this course looks amazing!!

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