Best School / Place to Learn

I’m approved for a grant to study Web Dev; however, most schools only teach in the day and I’m not sure I can financially survive for 3 to 4 months. I’ve found one school w/night classes (which means it will take twice as long to finish) but I hope to find another contract to pay bills while I study.

So far, most schools use student teachers & not much support. I must understand vocabulary first (dyslexic) to grasp things quickly or I have a ton of questions (may frustrate teachers/students). Trying to study on my own I got stuck b/c I don’t know terms which hampered being able to figure it out alone. Yep, I’m scared I will stink at this and/or fail. As a tech writer, I know very lite HTML, but need to advance my career b/c contracting is getting spotty.

Some schools I’m looking at are Flatiron, Dev Mountain, Media Tech, Coding Dojo. I would like your feedback on surviving financially while in school full time and/or any thoughts you had on any of these schools (pluses or minuses). I don’t have any support financially, emotionally, educationally while in school. Would appreciate your feedback

Hi @RedUnscripted,

I can’t advise you on schools in the US, but I think you might profit from a course on studying before you make a choice.
It’s short, free and helps you to spend your precious time well.

And I know there are online courses with more support like Skillcrush. But I’ve no idea what they are really like. You might want to check it out online and then ask here if anyone has any experience with them.

Good luck!

I had classes on this while attending college p/t and graduated 3 yrs ago while working f/t. I’m focused and committed, and seeking opinions on school culture.