Best software for svg animations

I would like to create Animations for example a animated loading svg file.

I know that with Adobe Illustrator you can create those elements and later
move, and turn them with CSS.

But this seems very limited
I want to be able to create wave lines multiple moving parts
it would be more diffecult to do that with CSS

So i saw a video that you can achive this with Adobe after effects and use Lottie
to export it as a svg file.

Now my question is, is Adobe after effect with that plugin really the most populair option to create more complated animations. I also find it importand to invest time learning into something that can increase my chance of finding a job in this section.

I know there are websites like svgator. but those are not the proffesional software programs that most companys use. I also saw Adobe XD but it seems more focused on mobile if im correct.

So what is the best most populair software program to create complex animations

Can anyone help me please

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