Best topic to learn mobile app creation

Hello Forum! I’ve read through the different posts but must be overlooking it. Could anyone suggest the best curriculum topic to choose to learn to create mobile apps?
This is my FIRST time in the forum as well as on FreeCodeCamp!


A large number of mobile apps are built using web technologies, so you can start with learning web development. Web dev is a very approachable field for a beginner and a great place to start in general.

If you really want to focus exclusively on mobile application development you can either learn iOS development and Android development (which are different) or look into Flutter, which allows your code to cross-compile.

What is the best place (and free) to learn Flutter?

I learned web dev on FCC, which taught me React, which led to React Native - which is a popular library for mobile development.

When I google “learn flutter” the very first result is a bunch of tutorials, articles, videos, and courses that are created by the Flutter team itself. That’s where I would start.

Use the official flutter docs: Learn

If you are keen to learn to create mobile apps then you should go for the flutter or dart for the same. You can check out some guides Mod Edit: link removed that I found when I started digging the same. And “Flutter for Beginners” by Alessandro Biessek really helped me a lot, if you wanna give it a try!

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