🤩 Best VS Codes Extensions 🛠 Every Developers Should Use in 2020

I found an amazing article on some awesome VS Codes Extensions Every Developer Should Use In 2020. Although it has covered the best extensions, it would be great to discuss here some other options. Apart from the extensions mentioned in the list, which are some other extensions that we can use?


Hey @saanvi01.
Well, talking about VS Code extensions, I will provide some extensions that I personally use and recommend. They are:

  • Auto Rename Tag:
    Ever wondered how you could just change the opening or closing tag and the other tag would automatically rename? This extension will help you to do that.

  • Live Sass Compiler:
    If you ever wanted to write some sass code and convert it to CSS automatically, this extension does the job. Write your sass code and click on “Watch Sass”. Boom! It will automatically create a CSS file and convert your sass code to CSS.

  • Material Theme:
    Is the built-in VS Code themes boring? Try this extension! It offers many more cool themes that you can change at any time.

  • Material Icon Theme:
    Is the file icon theme in VS code so boring? This extension changes the default file icon theme to a really cool icon theme.

  • PHP Intelliphense:
    Did you know that Emmet doesn’t work for PHP? That is strange! Then try this extension. This will give intelligent suggestions for your PHP file and you can write PHP code faster (just like you would with Emmet). And the coolest part? It automatically formats your PHP code, no additional extension for that.

These are the extensions I use currently. If I find any other cool extension, I will update this.

Happy VS Coding!

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@paulsonstech Thank you very much for your inputs. I’ll definitely check these extensions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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