Best way to learn / study

Hello. I’ve been learning code for the past couple of weeks and i’ve been enjoying it ! My goal is to someday land a job being a front end web developer. I’m currently doing the basics of JavaScript and it a challenge and that lead me to asking this question. How do most of you study or practice code ? And to those who have landed a career in the field what tips do you have to get better ? I get frustrated when I don’t get something and i know I shouldn’t (because i’m learning something new so of course I won’t get it…) Any tips would be greatly appreciated !

You are probably better off learning to accept the frustration than to expect it to go away.

I’m not sure there are any golden ways of studying. Personally, I recommend shorter daily sessions with quality over quantity. A bit of theory and a lot of practice. I know that isn’t saying much but it really does depend on the person as well.


Transform frustration into angry motivation.

I get pissed and think: “There is no way I will NOT do it!”

Everyone is a little different, but the key here is “practice” this is a skill that grows from spending a lot of time just doing it.

Care about what you’re doing. Be curious. Break code. Fix it. Have some fun.

Programmers are people who are paid to be frustrated. This is a bit of a “chasing the horizon” field, so you’re going to spend a lot of time feeling like you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing. Get comfortable there. It’s fine.


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