Best way to practice what been learned

I have a issue of not knowing, when to stop tutorial and start practice, which much of the time, end up me watching a lot of videoes and no practice, then crying that I forgot it. How can I teach myself to practice and/or make myself accountable for something that I just learned should be clear to me and/or test my knowledge on it, after few days to see if it is still there? take the example of youtube FCC channel, JS tutorial, how can I make myself practise with the video and test myself?

Build things that don’t have tutorials.

First try building thing by following tutorials, line by line then start something similar and graudally add different features to it

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You built some app with the guidance and help of some tutorial that you have found online. Great. There is no shame in that. It’s not the best use of your time but it’s better than nothing. The next logical step - extend the functionality of your app. For example, if your app displays the weather for one particular city you can add another feature - show links to weather for 2 more cities from that country.

If your app is a random quote machine you can build your own API and add the functionality of being able to add your own quotes - you’ll have to learn how to use databases for that, but that is the right approach and probably the only approach that works well - learn things because you need them to implement something in your app. Do not learn things for the sake of learning them, that never sticks.

And yeah, you’ll see this advice all the time - “build your own things from scratch”, but the reality is as a junior developer you’ll be mostly working on existing code bases and existing apps, you’ll rarely work on something new, that is being built from the ground up and your role will mostly be in fixing bugs and adding small features. So you are better off practicing exactly that.

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I’ve been following a simple approach: do a challenge, and then attempt it myself in my editor, trying not to look at the examples.
I put a module of my own challenges’ output on a single page for reference. Here’s an example of a page:

Part of the code for the page:

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This is the confusing part.
I am following a tutorial on JS trying to understand promises, fetch and async. Next module is of making a Project which involves all that is learnt.

  1. I can watch the hour 1 hour of video and then try it on my own, or
  2. or after each video try it own my own or
  3. Watch and side by side code each, then redo it without seeing after each video or
  4. do what I said in 3rd point but for a whole hour/section

Also I was looking at JS cirriculum on FCC, I am on Golf challange game but turn out it was hard for me, so I was afarid of it.

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Dear friend mahassan there are many and better ways to learn how to code. FCC is one of the best platform to learn how to code as they place emphasis on project based learning and mentoring .Now your problem is simply associated with fear, so do away with fear and you will see yourself improving.Always remember that every good software developer also went through this challenge even me so you can. some project could take days of understanding the problem .Remember that coding is actually the last process in software development , so you need quality time to define the challenge or task then proffer adequate solutions to the challenge in your own way, then master the language syntax and start coding.