Best Way to Use Free Code Camp

Hello, do you guys suggest using and learning from other and more advanced peoples code when working on the FCC projects. Or do you suggest trying to write every piece of code on your own? I am fairly new to coding and have found that it works alot better if I use others codes and then modify and learn from it since I dont know much yet. Its hard for me to freestyle code for now.



Copying and modifying code from others teaches you how to copy and modify code. It’s an important skill, but you don’t gain as deep of an understanding as you would trying to predominantly build the code yourself.


You will need to use additional resources in order to complete the project, but as @JeremyLT said, learning to cannibalize pre-written code is a different skillset than creating something yourself.


Hi Andrej,
I’ve been writing code for maybe 15 years now and I can identify with what you say. Every time I pick up a new language, a new task, or a new feature of the language I’m writing, I find it hard for me to freestyle code.
I start with copy-pasting code from others and build my stuff from there.
Playing with this code more gives me a deeper understanding, but if it was a one shot and I never need to go back to that, it leaves me with some understanding that may in the future need or not. I just leave it as it.

If I can confess here, even in the languages that I know well I am not able to write code out of the blue like I see other people doing in front of me (colleagues).



I program for a living, and I prefer to start with existing stuff too, as long as I have carte blanche to rewrite it. Starting with a blank page, canvas, or file can be intimidating even to the most seasoned writers, artists, or programmers.

Relax, you’re normal :wink: :peace_symbol: