Best Way To Use HTML/CSS?

I’m about to start my fourth project, the Technical Landing Page. And frankly I can’t believe I’ve never asked this before; but how do you create with HTML and CSS? I’ve just been trying to use the example page as a cheat sheet but that method produces frustration when making pages. So maybe someone else has a better method?

Hi @Smellbringer!

I think it is great that you want to break free from the FCC examples. You learn alot more building your own projects that relying on the sample.

I understand it can be scary but here is how I would tackle it.

  1. Look at the basics that are required to finish the project.
    (user stories, fixed nav bar on the left and content on the right, different sections with code elements). It might also help to draw out the basic layout.

  2. Pick a topic (javascript, c, c++, python, etc)

  3. Start working through the user stories one by one. If you get stuck research a lot and then ask questions. Don’t stress about tackling all the of the user stories at once. Take your time.

  4. Once you pass the user stories then you can worry about design. (color scheme, maybe animations, etc)

Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect or complex. Just create something that is your own.

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