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Hi guys,

Looking for general advice here. I am still in very early days in my journey to learn coding and I am still looking for the best ways for me to learn.

I am working on the landing page of the first curriculum at the moment, and before starting to work on my own project, I have created a landing page following the sample code, here you can find the link

This allowed me to understand why and how to use certain codes and it allowed me to play with some elements to see how they change whey you change the codes (especially flexbox on this one, which I am trying to learn).

My question is: is this a good way to learn at the beginning? or is it a waste of time? Also, feel free to advice me on what worked best for you when you were learning , even though we are all different in how we learn, I am willing to give everything a shot.

Thanks always

  1. Set a reachable main goal. Set many subgoals to reach the main goal.
  2. Use the elephant method. Break up a big task into small pieces.
  3. Read. Practice.
  4. Repeat…
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thank you for your reply @Sibert.

Any advice on what kind of goals I should be pursuing as a beginner?

What is a reasonable achievable goal for a beginner to work towards?

To create a goal, it is good to have a long term personal “vision”. This vision could be created by your own passion (hobby or whatever). What you need or other people need. Create a map in your head from here to there. But break it into VERY small pieces. The trick is to set tiny subgoals that motivates you to take the next step.

Speaking of web development is a achievable goal to create a simple website from scratch. From a simple “Hello World” page to a portfolio or what ever seems reasonable. Start as simple as possible and increase the difficulty gradually.

To learn you have to be motivated.
Motivation is created by success.
Success is created by reachable goals.
Goals is the fuel.

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Hi… Although I am also a beginner in coding. Thats why i joined this community to raise my mindset and skill.

One general thing, i will say: Lets say you learn some concept or some topic. Then take a pause, just fit some of your own idea (or quick small real life project) on that concept or topic. It will create a new pathway to your neurons in the head. And you will never forget the topic, at the same time you will become expert on it.



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I find that playing around with things helps me. It helps apply the knowledge you just acquired to practical use.

If one wanted to learn, say, guitar, one can’t just learn to read the music notes and never pick up a guitar. Same idea here…good idea.

Read, Think, Practice, Repeat.

The practice reveals holes or missing concepts that you can work on.

I see a lot of posts that seem like the poster just wants to get the solution and does not want to think…just wants to get through it and get the Certification at the end. But then, how much does a person like that really know or absorb as knowledge? That is a waste of everyone’s time, not just the poster.

Your way is a good way in my opinion.

I try to participate in forum discussions too where I can. It helps reinforce to me what I know or need to work on. If you can explain and teach it to someone else, it’s a good sign that you’re learning it well.

And if you explain it wrong, someone else on here, usually a moderator, will correct you and you will learn even more.

I meant for the challenge problems, not the general discussions…and not limited to FCC. When I did Codecademy in 2013/2014, forums was full off “Help! I need answer!” kind of questions.

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