Best WFH/Minimal travel IT career

Hey everyone,
I need to re/revamp my career after a few unfortunate events that have happened and have since forced me to rethink my future.

I’m thinking at this point an IT career is probably my best option but whatever I end up doing it needs to be mainly WFH workplace only based (minimal travel) due to my health. I have a few ideas but whatever ideas you have please share.
Thank you.

This may be different in other places, but in the US a job that is described as being in “IT” is usually related to physical systems and therefor is more likely to be on-site. Careers that relate to software, such as development or testing, are more likely to be part of the work from home movement. Having to travel for these jobs would be extremely rare.

I finally figured out the easiest way to word this so here goes. If you are someone who is currently studying a programing language and maybe you are at uni doing Computer Science would it be possible to land an entry-level Web-dev job that was WFH? Or mainly WFH? Assuming you already know html-css and JS.

I think that it’s possible you just have to look on the right sites that would be looking for the exact same role - i think most probably companies with all roles filled but still requiring project based assistance in basic front end can opt for you.

Indeed I also have health problems to presential work and begin with software development seeking a work from home job, currently I have one so yes, is possible.

Also is pretty common that they want a minimal in person meetings during the onboarding and if you’re junior is hard to be 100% remote

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Do you mean that most entry-level jobs that say there are WFH are most likely WFH and in the workplace?

That depends on the company. Usually it comes in the job description, for a junior i’ve seen a lot of 80% from home 20% workplace, also i’ve seen something lik the first 2 weeks in the workplace and then 100% from home.

Also that’s rare cases, in my experience 70% junior position job offers are 100% remote

That’s very true. Have you tried YCombinator? Startups there are always looking for remote workers - at all levels.

If you are still a student (whether at university or any other method of education), you’ll probably have a hard time with this. There are internships for students, and some of those are remote, but finding and getting those internship positions would take a lot of work.

But if you are asking whether there are remote entry level jobs in web development, then the answer is yes. In my experience interviewing entry level devs, we tend to be more picky with remote candidates because we need to feel confident that they will be successful without the easy access to support systems that an office provides.

Would I even have a hard time with platforms like YCombintor?

I forgot to ask this before and to be honest, I should have just asked the question like this originally, should I just focus on frontend and then move to web dev if I choose to go down this path? And if do, do it like this, does it then make it easier to pick up WFH jobs and WFH hybrid jobs?

I don’t know what YCombinator is, besides a funding method for startups. I don’t think it should be controversial to say that you generally can’t get a programming job unless you already have the skills to do the programming job.

I don’t understand the question. Web development includes frontend development. So does any kind of software development that has a UI.

Honestly, at this point I think that your question about working from home has be answered. Getting a remote job is still more difficult, because you are narrowing your options during your job search, but they exist. You will probably not be able to get one until you have the necessary skills to perform the job functions with minimal supervision.

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