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I am about to start my journey at FCC starting with ‘Responsive Web Design (BETA)’. I have heard that BETA version is better than the previous one experientially, even though the merit of the cerification is the same. I will finish RWD (BETA) within a month and will continue with the next certificate ‘JS Algorithms & Data Structures’. It is already announced on FCC Blog that BETA for next certificates are also in pipeline. I wonder if I can get a hold of the timeline for the release of the BETA versions for the next certificates, so that I can wait till then to continue my studies and resume on BETA version itself. If the releases are taking longer, I can decide to get on with the existing version of the certificates.

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Hello @bhurkevi !
As far as I know, the beta version is only experimental so the progress will not be erased …
Good luck with your FCC journey! :wink:

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There is no fixed timeline for the release of other curriculum updates. If you complete the Responsive Web Design section (regardless of whether it’s the old material or the new material) then you should move on to the next section.

Hi @bhurkevi !

As mentioned earlier, there is no set timeline for when the other certifications will come out.
Right now, the team is hard at work to building out the JavaScript curriculum but it will still take time before it is available in a beta version.

Once you finish the responsive web design course, I would suggest moving onto the JavaScript course.

Hope that helps!

Yikes! I would’ve prefered new versions over old anytime.
I really liked a few things in the BETA.

  1. The preview of the output shown at the start of the course. (Gave clarity and motivation)
  2. Line by line microtutorial (This feature particurly made my learning way too much fun and easy. )
  3. Sprinckled Main Projects. (Averaged the workload into manageable pieces)

I guess I’m going to miss all the updated featues in upcoming BETAs since I am going to complete my Certificates way ahead of the rest of the BETAs are lauches.


even who is working on it doesn’t even know when they will be ready!

consider contributing later to help make the new certificate possible!

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