Beta FCC progress not imported from Normal FCC

Hello, I started freeCodeCamp few days ago and today I found the beta FCC. I’m thinking to migrate to it, but when I logged in with my email that I use on the normal FCC, my progress was reseted. All the exercises I did on the normal site, weren’t completed the beta site. I need to do it all again or I can import my progress from the normal site?

Rafael is just for beta testing. It is not linked to your real account. It has it’s own database. None of your progress from the real website will be brought over to the beta website and any work you do on the beta website will be lost when beta testing is done.

re: the Beta

Most questions about the beta can be answered in this thread. If you have any other questions, please try searching the forum.


@ArielLeslie thank you for the reply. When the beta testing will be done? So I’ll see which one I’ll use, because I think the Challenges are more important than the roadmap. The certificates use the roadmap exercises to be approved or just the challenges?

The challenges that are marked with a * are required for the certificates.