Beta freecodecamp progress lost. Unable to log in

Hey all,

I was one project away from getting my first certificate and now when I try to log in there is an error message. Is there any way to restore it?

Thank you for your reply. However, the problem is that it does not let me log into my account. I have 4 options (Gmail, Facebook, etc.) neither of which work. When I try to use my gmail it redirects me there and returns an error. Below are the images of the errors I get.

Logging in has been disabled in Beta. The database was always going to be temporary. It is Beta, after all.

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So what we do now ?

I signed up on freecodecamp begining of december, 256 points later I read freecodecamp is about to switch to a new version, and this version bring the necessary updates to a sometimes little bit outdated course.

I don’t want to continue on the old course anymore. But will any progress on the beta be erased on the unknow final release date because “It is Beta after all” ?

You have all sorts of options. There is still a great deal of value in the current FCC curriculum and you are by no means wasting your time continuing it. When the new curriculum is done being tested and hardened, it will be merged into FCC. All of your points, certificates, etc will still be associated with your account. If you have already completed a challenge, it will still show up as completed even if the challenge has changed in the new curriculum.

If you prefer, you can do the challenges that are on the Beta map. If you choose to do this, please remember that this is still in development. The reason it is live is so that members of the community can help find and fix bugs. If you encounter problems with challenges or with the interface, report the bug through GitHub and move on. As has been discussed at great length in the primary Beta thread, the test environment and FCC use different databases, and any accounts (there are some for testing purposes) will not exist in the production environment.

If you choose to start working with the Beta curriculum, you have options. You can work through the challenges and save copies of your solutions (this would be an excellent reason to learn how to use GitHub) and then copy-paste-submit these when the new curriculum goes live. Keep in mind that if you do this, it’s possible that some of the challenges that you solved may have changed a little (because they are still in development) and your solutions may not work. This is mostly an unnecessary step though. Only those challenges marked with a * are required. So if you have completed the learning objective, there is no need to repeat them just to get it marked as solved. For the most part, it’s the projects that are required (and you do these outside of the FCC environment anyway and just submit a link). From looking quickly at the map, I think that the required challenges are ones that currently exist in FCC.

The point of all this is learning. FCC has been evolving over its short life from a collection of helpful resources to carefully crafted lessons, but it still exists as a way to help interested people teach themselves how to program web applications. It isn’t a degree mill. If you don’t want to do learning exercises just because no one besides yourself is keeping track of your progress, you’re missing the point entirely.

would it be possible for someone to create a project that users can use to track their beta progress so it would be easier for them to do so?
I notice that we have been showing users how to use c9,, & Labs.

Go for it! Every now and then a camper makes a great project to help the community.


Just follow the and setup a personal sandbox mongo db on mlab & setup your master user & secret.

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