Beta Node challenges

Is anyone having luck getting the gomix challenges to pass the tests? My project is working fine, but the tests will not pass. I started a new project -!/project/broken-shark

and I’m trying to pass the “Meet the Node Console” test. The result says “Hello World is not in the server console”, yet it is. Is it a bug, or user error? Thanks.

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Partial solution: enable CORS on your express server on Gomix (

That leads to a JSON parse error that’s documented in another thread on the forum. That one looks like a bug in their script.


I also gave it a try today on those challenges, and I think the current explanations are very confusing.

From I see we are supposed to start a project on Gomix by “remixing” and existing template.

This template seems to already have some things in the “server.js” file which will allow the fcc website to grade your work. And the file “MyApp.js” is were you are supposed to write your code. However, if you jump directly into the “meet the node console” challenge, there’s no information about this. Since we have a Map, it is expected that some campers will be jumping around from challenge to challenge not always doing things in a linear way. So it should be explained on each challenge section how to start from the Gomix template.

Then the second confusing part is, which link does fcc want?

The project editor link?!/project/something-something
Or the live project link?
Or the invite collaborators link?!/join/some-huge-number-thingy

It is not obvious to me which one to use. After trial and error I know that it is the live project link. This should be explained in the challenge description.

Thanks - this got me over the hurdle. I like to start from scratch when possible, so I skipped the step of remixing their project. Big mistake!

I still get the same error. I tried the live link. I wish there was a video somewhere on how to properly submit codes.

I guess, I got it. I had to share the project folder rather than the file myApp.js!