Beta Portfolio Feedback


I am looking for feedback on what I consider to be a decent start on a portfolio page. Let me know what you think. I am looking for any type of feedback, negative or positive.

Thank you all

NE Developer

Hi Timmothy,

I think you’re off to a great start. I really like the sticky background. I’m not great at design, but a couple suggestions that I think would make it look better (feel free to take them with a grain or two of salt).

  1. Your color scheme right now is dark grey on light grey, that might cause readability issues. Maybe pick a dark color for the text?

  2. Your sections are very spaced apart, which I’m not sure I personally like, it’s a lot of scrolling from section to section.

  3. Finally, I think the title of the section should share the same background as the section itself and not have that small transparent space between it.

Oh and one more thing…instead of having text in the images coming soon thumbnails, I reccomend the following site. You can select a size and text for your images and then it gives you links to placeholder images for when you haven’t sourced your images yet. It’s a pretty great resource.

Hope that helps.

Thank you @gkemp94!

I really appreciate the feedback. I agree with the points that you made, I am going to re work the CSS file for the site and also implement a sticky navbar so that the title and the navigation bar are always on top. I will also be fixing or filling in the abnormal space between the sections. Oh and thank you for the resource for the placeholders. They will look better than the coming soon images. On a side note, I looked at your website and... it is amazing! Great job! I love the picture of the waterfall.

Thanks again,