Beta projects testing link [Solved]

Can someone confirm that the testing for the beta projects currently isn’t working? Once confirmed I’ll flag the issue on GH.

When I try to run one for the Codepen’s using the script, I get this in the console:

When I run the tests on the example project, all 17 tests pass and I see no errors in the console. However, no matter which test I pick for the build a form project, all 17 tests pass and there are no errors in the console, so I do not know why it does that. It used to fail if you tried to run the wrong set of tests for a specific project.

Hmmm…problem must be on my end then.

I think my workplace might have just fiddled with our proxy settings. It was working fine a couple of days ago :frowning:

I have a work around, just in case anyone faces a similar issue.

The CDN hosted version of the testing suite doesn’t work for me, but the version hosted on github does.

Anyone that needs this fix should use this script instead: