Beta question - grandfathering when the project parameters have changed


Okay, so perhaps foolishly I was trying to work through both the current and beta at the same time and … hum…

As I understood it if you had already completed a challenge on current it would be grandfathered and you’d just paste the link in.

But in the case of the portfolio the one for the current version of the challenge will not pass the tests for the beta version because the designs are radically different. Mine passes 10/11 of the tests since popping some ids is easy and I already had a media query because I wanted the text in the header to resize instead of line breaking. But in order to pass “The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport” I’d have to completely redo the top of the page.

If beta goes live before I’ve finished will my current project be okay or will it need redoing to pass the tests?

I mean sure clients sometimes pains and change specs at the last minute and sure I can fork the code and make two versions. But if grandfathering a project will require it to pass the testsI hope it will be clear once beta goes live.


I believe if beta goes live than all the progress made by you on the actual freecodecampers will remain the same. I’m assuming that the databases will not change, therefor all your work will be saved, but you will have to finish the new exercises and projects to get the certification :smiley:

What is the beta? What do you speak about? Where to find it? Thanks.

PS I’ve found it.

Also, I might add that the real value of FCC is in the doing the work, not in any certificate you might get. So, if you end up having to redo some of your work to pass new or altered tests you are just getting more out of the process. I know it can be frustrating, but it is for a good cause… learning :slight_smile:

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