[beta] Technical documentation page

Hey, just finished this one. I’m not quite satisfied with the final result, lacks a lot of polishing and i certainly should have done a better job, but i’ll leave it for review when FCC’s new curriculum goes out of beta.
Take a look anyway, as usual any feedback is welcome. I’m using the Bulma CSS framework for this project, it’s pretty neat and lightweight, i highly recommend.

Link: http://codepen.io/Selhar/full/KWVwOq/

Hi, it looks actually pretty nice, way better than the example project. One thing: I would use position: fixed; on the navigation.

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Yeah, that’s what made me give up on polishing the project, the way i animated the menu control button is quite…bad, using position: fixed makes the whole page break. Since i would need to change so much, i just decided to leave it for when the new curriculum is live. Maybe it was a brainfart, too, but i tried setting the whole <aside> as fixed, that didn’t work because the menu options would overflow (and overflow: scroll wouldn’t target the proper area). Setting the #menu as fixed also didn’t work.

Basically i tried to set the menu to fixed 2 or 3 times, it didn’t work as intended and i got a little tired of it. But yeah it definitely should be fixed.

I wouldn’t bother about the styling. I did notice that it doesn’t pass the tests, though.

Oh, i’m ignoring the tests, i felt constrained by them after the survey project. I’ll end up making two versions when the beta goes live, a normal project, as i would add to my portfolio, and another one just tweaked enough to pass the tests.
Since the changes won’t be saved for now, i felt that the tests were too bothersome to keep them checked at all times, so i’m just ignoring it completely.

Yes, same here. It seems a bit weird that they define which elements you should use and how to name them. Though for this projects it didn’t constrain me too much.

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