Beta Technical Page Project

Finished my technical document page and I am looking for some feedback if anyone can take a look over it.

FCC Technical Project Page

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@angelinalblyth Nice work! :sparkles: Here are some thoughts for consideration:

  • Missing h1 and alt attribute: In my review of your tribute page, I wrote about heading levels and alt attributes. For this project, you’re missing an h1 heading and an alt attribute.

  • Small Viewport View: The menu takes up more space than the content on small viewports (~320px).

    It looks ok when in landscape though:


  • Unneeded src attributes: In two of your anchor elements, I see src attributes that are not needed. This breaks the links:

    Line 21:

    <a href src="">(CSS)</a> or functionality/behavior <a href src=""> (JavaScript)</a>.

    You can see other HTML errors in the HTML Validator.

  • Selecting IDs in CSS: I see some ID selectors (#main-doc header, #navbar header, #navbar, and #main-doc) in your CSS. Some say that it’s best to avoid using IDs in CSS whenever possible (see Interneting Is Hard - ID Selectors):

    For this reason, ID selectors are generally frowned upon. Use class selectors instead.

Those are the big issues I see. I can see that you’re definitely improving from project to project. Keep working hard! :sunny: