Beta testers wanted for App I made

Hey everyone,

I’ve been using FCC for quite some time to learn web development on my own. I finally feel I’ve reached a level where I can create scalable sites using react.js and firebase as a back-end. To prove it I’ve created a web app which gathers news, using the API newsapi, then analyses it with an artificial intelligence API. The user can then save the article for future reference.

There is still a lot to be implemented and fixed but I believe I have a base working version. I’d love it if you check it out and leave comments about it.

Reporta App

Hi! I’m testing it right now and below you can find my impressions in order :slight_smile:

It looks really cool by the way

  1. I can’t sign up pressing enter, just the button
  2. The new are no properly aligned by size on desktop, but looks ok
  3. After search, the Articles button doesnt work
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@michelmarechal, thanks for testing it. Those are some great numbered points I’ve included into my fix list for a next version. Thanks again!