Better to Give than to Receive! :)

Ok, here’s a suggestion:
To all those people wanting feedback, why not give feedback to 2 or 3 other people’s projects and then ask for feedback for your own project?
That way, everyone should get at least some feedback!
Because feedback is important, right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I understand your POV… problem is if a student is a beginner, giving another fellow beginner feedback is kinda moot, don’t you think?

But other more advanced students (advanced, as in a few steps ahead vs. a beginner) should try to look at other people’s code and give feedback.

One of the best ways to LEARN is to look at other people’s code and try to help them, debug the code and make it work. — because once you’re a developer, you’d be doing this a lot!

It’s not all writing new code when you get that job, sometimes it’s fixing, modifying, upgrading other people’s code.

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My point is anyone can test the UI/UX and comment on the style of a web page. When you are working on a project (myself included) you tend to put the blinkers on.