Better way to do this?

I even made a fiddle for you:

Try clicking on the title and then below the title. You’ll see the is representative of what you click on. Thus, if I the programmer wanted to test whether you clicked the product [the parent div], it wouldnt work because the user clicked the title instead. There could of course be other divs inside which would increase the likeness of a user not clicking the .parent div. That’s why I made the suggestion to use .closest()

Actually here’s a better example:

Jesus Christ. I know.

You have demoed why a method (closest) available on the EventTarget API is useful. In a scenario like you describe, it is useful. You decided that it was a good idea to explain this to me, and the way you went about it was to imply that I was incorrect. You didn’t say “if you are wanting to select on class names maybe think about that” or something similar, you decided to explain to me why it was the correct way to do things.

I never said you were incorrect. I said I agreed with you, and to keep in mind there are drawbacks.

It is getting silly. Please, if you wish to continue this, take it to private messages. This is way too opinion-weighted.

Better option might just be to let this one go.