Better way to represent a function using regex

This is a function that i have created to search for a pattern
function abc(x)
for(var i=0;i<x.length;i++)
return i;
return -1;
I tried to make this function better using regex as follows but it didnt seem to work properly as follows[%/
can someone tell me what my mistake is here

Search finds an index, so you need to check if the index is not -1:[%*-+/]/) !== -1

But you want just true/false, so use the Regexp method test instead:


actually i need the index too, for some reason the code shows “0-0”.search(/[%-+/]/); gives -1 as result and “0-0”.search(/[%-/+]/); gives 1 as reult,can you help on why that happens

I don’t understand, those are the same: the index of “-” is 1, so it returns 1.

i tried it out on the console and got those results, thats why i asked

The console gives a return value of 1, not -1 and 1 though

try putting the - near the square bracket otherwise it may be interpreted as a “from this character to this character” like in [a-z], if you want just, a, z and dash you would need to write [az-]

thanks, I think the problem must be with what you mentioned

what are you using that I get this?

Huh, that’s weird. It’s Node on Android, v6.11.4 ARM