Better way to stay accountable

So far I always start completing lessons here for a while but eventually I lazy about and just quit. I love starting projects but hate finishing them. Although I have very high motivation, it is hard and there is not supportive enviroment for me i.e. everyone says why do you learn programming. I think it is time to put and end to all of this and finally do programming properly

If my situation relates to your experiences as well and you want to join my discord group, please use the discord link. It will be only and only for discussions related to freecodecamp lessons, and we all need to be active i.e. completing lessons on freecodecamp everyday at least for 1 hour. And also it is for beginners who just started learning on freecodecamp. Other Rules are the same as freecodecamp policies.

We will be more productive and accountable in a group setting where we will help and encourage each other. Inactivity will not be tolerated.

Here is the link

To keep things tidy we are collecting all discord invites link in this other post:
Feel free to post there and I will add your link to the first post

I posted there. Please add my link. Thanks