Beware of Forex Scammers when you are on LinkedIn!

Hello Folks,

beware of all people with “financial advisor” or “forex trader” in their description that are trying to link to you on LinkedIn.

They will almost always pm you shortly after you accepted them and try to convince you of 100% risk-free currency trades. Tell them to go away and block. They are especially looking for new users with few connections.

If they don’t have “forex trader” or similar in their description and are sending you messages like the one above, report them, it’s against TOS!

Yeah, in general, I would be wary of anyone selling anything on social media. Quality products don’t need to spam millions of random people get sell themselves. As the great scholar Mike Brady once said, caveat emptor.

A similar thing that happens on linkin is the recruiters - same thing, invite, then immediate message. But at leas they (most of them) are trying to provide you with something useful. (At least I’ve had much better luck with linkedin recruiters than email.)

I’ve been lucky so far. The recruiters that linked to me were legit and just putting me on their list, no suspicious messages.

Always check their background first before you accept their invites.

In my case the “opentowork” status has been magnet for scams. Sadly no recruiter has reached me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Cheers and happy coding

You’re not the only one:

Dorian says that the recruiters contacting him are just as clueless as the non tech-people in companies, offering backend python jobs to a senior web developer.

I have the recruiters for decoration, I use LinkedIn to network to the people in the two industries I niche in.

Yeah, I once had a recruiter try to put me in for a Java position because JavaScript “sounds close enough”.

The meme Java === JavaScript is real :roll_eyes:?

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