Beyond aggravated with step 4 nutrition label

im beyond frustrated. i have tried everything the damned code tells me to and im just wanting someone to tell me what i need to do to get to the next step of this code. ive been on this for over a week and i cant find anything other than a repeating message that im clearly not understanding how to get right. Please tell me and show me how to get past this freaking step

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<!-- file: index.html -->

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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <title>Nutrition Label</title>
  <a rel="stylesheet" href=",700,800.css" />


  <h1>Nutrition Facts</h1>
  <p>8 servings per container</p>
  <p>Serving size 2/3 cup (55g)</p>

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/* file: styles.css */

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Challenge: Learn Typography by Building a Nutrition Label - Step 4

Link to the challenge:

“…add a link element…”

You added and anchor (a) element.

“Also add a link element to link your styles.css file.”

You forgot about this one.

It’s somewhat unfortunate that we refer to anchor elements as links and yet there is a link element that does something else.

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