Big big Thank you!

I would like to only say a massive thank you for this service and warn everyone from using codecademy. I bought the coding course for £800. I am doing it since end of November 2021, the initial purchase was on Mod edit: link removed and they put me on the codecademy platform which is useless. I was struggling to understand JS, now I do regret every penny spent for them and I would rather donate it here as it is way better and worth it. Thank you for your awesome job. For anybody who want to spend any money for paid courses, BEWARE it is a scam and I am feeling like they robbed me of my money. I am thinking of filling the chargeback on my credit card with my bank and see where it goes. Again, massive thank you for all your courses, I really started to doubt in myself and give it all up, this service was my last try to get in to coding and I see I am getting it…

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