Big Mac tribute page 1st project


I want to share my first project on FCC, i have made till first project (Front end) on main FCC curriculum but haven’t finished it.

Now after half a year i came back and tried new beta curriculum, all i can say - IT IS AWESOME!

The code is somewhat messy i’m using too much ID’s, but i feel like i’m learning, i have never before felt the old truth - Practice makes perfect!

Header looks like it’s not aligned properly i mean the big mac picture, but - it is… I’m thinking to get back on this project when i have more practice with flex-box and general alignment of the elements

Live on Github Github link

On codepen Codepen link

I really like the crisp transparency of that big mac image, it looks yummy!

Mmmm… delicious junk food. :smirk::hamburger:

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