Biggest gaps in knowledge for first job?

Hi everyone,
So I recently (6 months ago) got my first job as a graduate software developer, and I felt a little in the dark for the first couple of months. There was a lot of tech I hadn’t used, and it felt like I had a mountain to climb to understand it all.

So i thought i’d open it up to the floor, to ask people what they wish they’d known more about going into their first job? Hopefully this helps the new hires a little bit, just to show that we all went through the same thing :heart:

For me, I think the supporting tools such as Docker and Git were the ones I was the accustomed to. I had no idea what Docker was, and my Git usage had only ever been personal, working in one branch, and really never straying from the add, commit, push cycle.

I’d love to hear everyone else’s!


Same, except I still don’t feel like I see the peak, nor do I think I will ever see the peak. There’s always so much to learn, and by the time I learn all I want to learn a bunch of new stuff pops up to learn haha.

There’s also stuff I’m pretty sure I won’t ever need to know in depth, like cryptocurrency, or AI. I’ve learned enough about the subject to at understand learning it isn’t really necessary for me right now.

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This has been my experience every time I’ve changed jobs. I always feel like an idiot for the first 3 months or so. Some of this is unfamiliar tools or technologies (as soon as I get used to Git I get a job requiring Perforce, etc). A really big part of it for me though is learning to navigate the project. If you are joining a team working on a large and established codebase, it can be pretty overwhelming.

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I think that my biggest gap in knowledge was actually web development as a whole. I never realized just how in depth you could take HTML, CSS, and JS. I feel like I am constantly learning. But it’s really nice to be in an environment where I’m surrounded by developers and we are all bouncing ideas off of one another.

I’ve learned some better coding practices such as implementing hash tables. Let me tell you, O(n^2) to O(n) will change your life when it comes to processing data. I was running through thousands of files and it felt like it was taking forever. People were coming down to my level and helping to bring me up to speed.

I just wish I had known that it’s okay for me to ask questions. I always thought that people who knew more than me would laugh or think I was dumb. Turns out people are just there to help me. I could be so much further along if I had just known it was okay for me to ask a question.

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