Bike-shop psql connect to server failed

Does anyone know why this error is persisted? Today is the 2nd day that it is happening.


I got the same error around the same time with a psql project on freecodecamp, it must be universal

Me too. I try to delete then run again but it was error

Were you able to re-connect without error?

I even delete my user token, logout and nothing works. I got error on multiple lessons.

I try to open again, and it was still running, cannot go to coderoad.

Have you tried going to Command Palette? I feel like something is wrong because I got errors on multiple database lessons.

I cannot go to Command Palette because I see the container in CodeAlly but it just shows blank when it’s loaded.

I am having exactly same issue.

No I couldn’t reconnect it’s probably a problem with codeally, we should contact their support instead of freecodecamp’s

I am a bit frustrated because I keep getting errors. I would think codeally and freecodecamp have some agreement with each other regarding these problems.

It’s likely neither of their staff members know of this issue