Bing Tribute Page - Please give feedback. 👍

Second day of unemployment. First website. (yes I did this in one day.)

Entirely open to CnC.

Website was made with heavy use of flexbox.


@ItsRoyal Really great design here! I like that the info items look like search results. The overall theme of the page flows nicely. I like your CSS animation for the menu items. Well done not using inline styling. Also, it’s rare to see Flexbox used instead of bootstrap, but I like it!

I like that you use the <header> and <footer> HTML5 semantic elements. Do you know about the other HTML5 semantic elements?

I also like that your markup is valid in that you’re using the <html>, <body>, and <head> elements. A lot of folks on FCC either don’t know they should do this or don’t want to for some reason.

Before you share your code next time, paste your HTML into this HTML validator. This will help you find some of the errors in your HTML markup. You don’t have many, so that’s good.

Your <img> elements need to have alt attributes. An img element is technically incorrect without an alt attribute. Alt attributes are also very helpful for people who use screen readers. Here’s a wonderful resource where you can learn more about the importance of alt attributes.

Some people don’t like to use ID selectors in their CSS. There’s some debate about this. Here’s a link that discusses this debate further if you’re curious about best practices.

Those are the big things I can see. I’m looking forward to seeing your future projects!

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wow lots of stuff thanks! will look into all of it. :slight_smile:

great design , I totally agree with this

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