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Hi All, the below code is for birthday candle problem in hackerrank. It is working fine in visual studio code but throws error in hackerrank. if anyone knows what is the problem with the code let me know…

function birthdayCakeCandles(candles) {
let max = Math.max(...candles)
let count=0
for(let i=0;i<candles.length;i++){

output: The maximum height candles are of height "3 units". There are two of them, so 2 should be the output.

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you may want to check what’s your function output is

it is undefined

it is undefined only in hackerrank, but in visual studio code the output is 2

What do you mean by “the output”? What is your function’s return value? The return value is the only “output” for a function.

Thanks Jeremy. The count is the return value.

Where do you return the count?

I forgot to return the count

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