Bit of help needed with div based 'table'

Hi All,

Hoping someone can help here, I am trying to make some navigation for a online store which currently works as it should with 4 categories in a 2 row 2 column format.

Code can be seen here:

CSS can be seen here:

the thing is they now want a 5th category adding, and the button to sit full width below the 2 columns above, as per image:

Unfortunately this is way beyond my level of expertise (I’m a print designer by trade) so I was hoping somebody might be able to help out with tweaking the code for me to reflect the clients request.

Many thanks in advance,


Firstly, welcome to the forums.

While we are primarily here to help people with their Free Code Camp progress, we are open to people on other paths, too. Some of what you are asking is pretty trivial in the Free Code Camp context, so you might find that if you’re not getting the instruction and material you need in your current studies, the FCC curriculum will really help you get started. At a modest guess I’d say investing a 4-5 hours working through the curriculum here will really pay off. You can find the curriculum at

With your current questions, we don’t have enough context to know what you already know or don’t know, so it is impossible to guide you without just telling you the answer (which we won’t do).

Happy coding :slight_smile:

Ah, apologies, I may have misunderstood what the forum was about, I shall leave you in peace now!