Bitcoin payment through scanning of a qr-code

I was thinking about the possiblity to buy something with QR-Code using a Wallet (Bitcoin, Ethereum …). i.e. I may have Bitcoin and I want to buy a product (having a qr-code) using my wallet. How can I do that? is it possible? I have posted because I didnt find anything. May be my question may be incorrectly asked. I’m not trying to implement something yet (may be in the future? :slight_smile: ) I just wanted to know if someone could help me with this information. I have searched and found nothing about payment through scanning of the qr-code (the qr-code belongs to a product and via the scan the amount is deducted from my wallet!) That is what I’m talking about. Thks for your time.

Hi buddy, that is possibe, but do try doing only via secured wallet.

Rila Nov

I use the service to accept payments.
It works fast and easy.