Bitcoin question

Hi everyone,
Im new here and looking for answers. I know I’m not on the right place but I give this shot.

Im not sure if anyone can help me. This is about bitcoin. I received un spendable bitcoin thru blockchain. How do I convert this un spendable to spendable bitcoin. Someone put an un spendable bitcoin thru my blockchain and said it can be only activated if theres a $500 cash deposited in to my blockchain from another bitcoin company. I need $500 from lets say coinbase to send to blockchain. someone also to me it can be done using certain software.

need your opinion please

That sounds like a scam.

It’s an obvious and blatant scam. Please start a new thread next time though, it’s not really related to the info content of this article, bit-rotted though it may be.

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Greetings @budors,

Nonspendable BTCs are inside an address that has been imported into your wallet. You don’t own that address. Since you don’t have access to the private key, you can’t spend them.

Don’t fall for it, do not deposit $500. You’ll be sending the money to the scammer’s address, not yours.

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The only person you should ever send money to in order to get back more money is your financial advisor. Everything else involves either honest work or being on Wall Street.

This scam adds the twist in that you think you’re sending the money to yourself, but it’s still a twist way older than the internet.

Thank you guys Im glad someone enlighten me and save my $500. Im sorry its out of the topic.

Thanks for your help.