Bizarre issues with my quote generator

I’m currently experimenting with my quote generator: using the forismatic api, and it is producing some bizarre issues.

In IE 11, every time I press the Get Quote button it begins cycling through the quotes from the api in an exponentially increasing amount. So when I load the page and click the Get Quote button, it will post one quote. On the second click it will post 2 quotes in rapid succession. If I click the button a third time it will post 4 quotes in rapid succession, and it keeps increasing at this same rate. I’ve searched through other user’s problems and solutions for the Get Quote Generator, and this issue has never come up.

Also, this issue is only tied to IE, because the Quote Generator will not function at all in Chrome. It also doesn’t post any errors in the console, so I’m left with no clue as to why it will work (with bugs) in IE but not in Chrome.