Black Arch on Windows?


Is it possible to delete Windows 10 from a laptop and install Black Arch Linux instead of it?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Sure, it is possible. Have you used Google at all to look for instructions about this? The phrase ‘install Black Arch Linux’ yields multiple results.

Again, my standard disclaimer is that penetration testing and hacking can be unsafe and you should understand how to Google and follow a tutorial on installing Linux if you want to be able to practice hacking safely.

To add to this, you should only be testing against things you have permission to test against. So other machines you own, or people who have given explicit permissions to allow you to do that.

It is illegal for your to use penetration tools on stuff you don’t own. Even if your just doing it for “learning”.

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Yes I know :slight_smile:

I searched in Google and I didn’t find any tutorial “How to delete Windows and install Black Arch”
You got any links?

have you tried reading about installing Linux in general? you will get your answers

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This exact phrase brings up the official Black Arch Linux resources. The instructions assume you don’t want to dual boot.

Installing Linux often requires using Google to research problems that arise, particularly for more exotic distros. You’re going to need to be able to use Google and understand documentation or ask specific questions about documentation. We can’t do it for you because we don’t know what errors you will encounter.