"Black Card application form" feedback

Hi everyone,
I’ve just finished my second project. It’s not really a survey… it started out as a joke but then I liked the idea enough to use it to complete the project. Hopefully it is ok!

Any feedback is much appreciated!


Hi @LucyDeetz!

I think your project looks good.

I think you should add the cursor pointer to the submit application button.
{cursor: pointer;}

Also, don’t use <br> tags to create space between elements. Use css instead.

Thank you so much, it should be fixed now!

To simulate the
tags in CSS I ended up using a combination of tags and a block-text class that displays those spans as blocks. It seems to have done the trick, but is there a better way to do it? I also read about a white-space: pre; rule that should work, but text is not centered anymore if I apply it.

I think setting it to display block worked well. So I would just leave it.

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