Blank white space on side of page when using bootstrap?

I’ve done plenty of digging but the only answer I can find is that this happens when you haven’t wrapped all of your .row classes in a .container or .container-fluid class.

I checked and literally rebuilt the entire page making sure every row was inside of a container and I’m still having this issue. Does anyone know why this is still happening?

Side note: all images are placeholder images

Just remove huge chunks of code till you find something that fixes the problem.

I fixed the problem by removing all the css. The problem was still there so then I removed all the HTML and it went away. Then I removed chunks of code till eventually I found out that your placeholder images do not all have img-responsive. That removed most of the side scroll bar then I removed all the CSS again and eventually narrowed the remaining problem down to #aboutsection {padding: 0cm;} so then I removed that and no more scroll bar.

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Oh wow thanks! that’s super helpful. I’ll definitely do that then.

I ended up rebuilding it in another pen, trying to make sure I put everything in containers and kind of stayed away from trying to edit image re-sizing and padding/margin adjustments and was able to build it without the scroll bar showing up.

It’s definitely nice to know that the padding caused the issue, because I have run into this before haha