Blockchain Development: Querying with Open APIs Course-- not open anymore!

This is a Youtube tutorial and not part of the main site/app, but I tried to follow along yesterday and found that the Foundation App API that Ania was using had changed their contract address and I could not access their web portal. It’s strange since this tutorial is only 3 months old.

She navigates to to find the API keys and docs. However, that url now redirects to I tried copying the keys from her sample code instead, but these did not generate the same schemas for me as they did for her–I got something very bare-bones, so the following steps that import functions from generated code did not work.

It’s unfortunate because I’m sure she and others from your team put a lot of work into this tutorial. You may want to add a popup disclaimer about this issue, and maybe advise about other open subgraphs to query from.

Thanks for letting us know. It’s possible there was a breaking change to the API we used here. I will share this with Ania and see whether there’s anything we can do to remedy this.

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