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Hello experts!
I’m a software engineer and have been working in the development field for around the last 2.5 years. Mostly my work is on PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter and for the frontend, it is CSS, JQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, VueJs, and others.

I want to become a blockchain developer and want to work on top technologies like bitcoin and Ethereum. I want your guide from where I start and how I would find work on these technolgies. I have plans to start my tech company in near future very soon.

Thanks in advance.

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No offense intended, but it sounds like you need to do some learning on blockchain first. Between the two, Ethereum is the only blockchain right now that supports “smart contracts” (i.e. Web3 software applications). Bitcoin does not and is primarily just a cryptocurrency.

Also there’s a huge leap between wanting to work in Ethereum blockchain development and starting your own tech company. I’d suggest setting your goals lower for now. There are already a lot of blockchain companies around the world looking to hire developers. No need at all to start your own unless you have a radical new idea.


Hi !! I am part of the Ivan on Tech academy, recently they changed their name to Moralis academy, I think its quite good for introducing yourself into ethereum smart contracts programming and also game programming. They also have a youtube channel with a lot of free content (their name is Moralis as well) … you should wait for a discounted price if you want to join the academy , they make offers often.

For bitcoin programming you could start with setting up your own node, to help descentralize the network, and then I suggest you to follow along the book: mastering bitcoin from Andres Antnopoulus, its on github for free. thank me later

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To be considered a decent crypto developer you will need at least:

  1. An advanced knowledge of how Blockchain works, since the very foundations of Blockchain are based on cryptography.
  2. At the very least, a cryptocurrency language. Solidity is the most famous but there are many languages. Again, not an easy thing.
  3. Hands on experience with the topic, let’s be honest, you must gain real work experience before even trying to start a business.
    Two important clarifications:
  4. Blockchain Development is a highly specialized labour market, is more like a niche. Not to say if you want to start a business.
  5. Don’t believe that by taking one mooc, or a boot camp you will get all the necessary stuff. Blockchain is more like a career change rather than a complement to Web development.
    I don’t say you cannot, but if you really want to make this transition, it will take time and serious commitment.
    Beware of the “learn blockchain in one month”.
    Hope this helps.
    Best wishes.
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