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Hey Campers,

Is there anyone that can help me w/ this fake blog I’m working on: Fashion Blog. Iattempeting to section off the the page with a sidebar & section for content. I want my content section to have some left padding to the left(to have space from the sidebar). Somehow the 2nd half of the content is pushed further away than the 1st half and I cant’t figure out why.

I’ve been stuck a while.

I would also like to make the page more mobile responsive.

If someone could explain & help me fix these please reply
Also if anyone has any feedback please also reply.

Thanks in Advance

Take a look at, I believe your margins are causing error right now. I have not pin-pointed the exact cause however.

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First thing to note:

You don’t need a DOCTYPE on CodePen. Just put here what you would normally put in the .

You don’t need body or html tags either. Codepen does that for you.

I did some fixes to the CSS:

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Your King’s Wear section has container class

<div class="container"> // remove this
<img ...>
<h3>King's Wear</h3>
</div> // and remove this

For the responsive use;
Bootstrap framework, Materialize or @media on CSS

Hope this help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the help.

Can you just explain what you did & what I was doing wrong.

I honestly can’t remember. What you could do is compare my CSS to your original CSS (if you still have it).
I think I might have just added a “container” class to the main section. I think you maybe had 2 versions of Bootstrap added which is a common mistake.

I suggest media-query if youre new in Front end WebDevt! I also use that because im a newbie as well!