Blog update 😁, using Jekyll

Hello everyone! Finally I have updated my blog , I’m a beginner so it was a good experience for me. Here’s the link , tell me how it is , suggestions would be great …


Your site looks cool but the background image transitions are distracting so I would just stick to just one image or make the transitions a lot slower. The “connect with me” heading and the links below it don’t look associated with each other and lastly, the typing animation looks impressive and was probably fun to create but it doesn’t have any real purpose and may be annoying for a user if they visited your site more than once.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks a lt for your thorough reply @max7 :grinning:.
By the way which background is better ?

No problem! I like the computer with the floppy drive best. If you have time check out this article on animations

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Excellent article … Thanks again man ! You rock