Blue-fantasy portfolio - feedback please!


I need your feeback very much! I started just about a week ago to learn Html, CSS, and I am so excited to finally finish my portfolio.
I want to know other opinions, do you think it’s too much fantasy-fairy?
I could present it at an interview? Do you think it need to be much more serious?

Thank you!

I like the fairy fantasy vibe… but then, Ive never been in interview before so take that with a grain of salt lol

I will say though, the site is mostly the graphics, and its really really hard to tell this is supposed to be your portfolio. The text is very hard to read, and the placeholders you have for your portfolio, which should be the wow factor, is super teeny tiny like an afterthought.

Now, if you had created those images yourself that would be kind of cool, the background images being the most prominent part of your site, to showcase your artistic chops. But…even then, this would be more graphic design than web dev since the development aspect and your portoflio section kinda looks like an after thought, not the main event.

Just some thoughts to ponder!!!

Oh sorry…besides all that, on a technical front…make sure your nav is sticky with smooth scrolling (its rough!!! I think we all had problems with that so no worries…!!)

Thank you! Yes, i did want to put smooth scrolling and I’ve only founded code for that in Javascript… I didn’t understand it at all… It’s there a solution for that in Html/css?

Nope! Think of it this way…

Html is for how things are layed out.
CSS is to style how things look
JavaScript is to change how things behave.

(if I have that wrong, someone help me out too, cause Im jsut learning JS!!)

But yeah, def take advantage of learning how to use JS…at least for this project, on the plus side you dont have to write your own, it already exists for you to pop in there and use. Google smooth scrolling bootstrap, the w3c website is the one I used that helped me get mine up and working.

Also check out how to format navigation in bootstrap cause right now, your navigation doesnt collapse for small screens and bootstrap has done all that work already. Of course, you can totally do it yourself without any bootstrap if you prefer not to use that… just google slicknav for info on how to do it on your own.