Boiler plate budget app NOT ABLE TO DETECT WHAT IS ERROR

I made this project for python certification but am not able to find what is the problem with the code and output that the test case is failing.

Replit link –

Here is the error with colors.

-  10|    o  o 
+  10|    o  o  
?              +
-   0| o  o  o 
+   0| o  o  o  
?              +
-      B  F  E
+      B  F  E  
?             ++
-      u  o  n
+      u  o  n  
?             ++

Red is your output, green is expected (order can be seen in the testmodule as provided to the assertion function).
So basically, it’s expecting all rows to have the same length as the striked-line. Which means one more space missing above and two missing below per line.

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Thanks for your reply. I’ve corrected that error but can you please help me figure out this last error I am facing and how to understand error in replit.

In this case the top of the error is a better help, where it lists the inputs rather than the line-by-line version:

'Perc[364 chars]         m  \n           e  \n           n  \n           t  \n'
'Perc[364 chars]         m  \n           e  \n           n  \n           t  '

You got a wrong linebreak at the end.

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