Bonfire algorithms

Hi guys,
I feel like I am struggling with these bonfire algorithms. I know it is suppose to be hard, but I find that as I am looking at how to solve these my main problem is that I didn’t know to use or how to use certain things in the code. I understand the basics of the javascript but I feel as though some of the things we are using to solve these problem was not taught or I didn’t understand very well. For example I was completely unaware of using an empty array declared as a variable in the “Return largest numbers in arrays” challenge, and didn’t realize it until I watched someone else use it. My question is whether it is normal to feel like I don’t know what I am doing and that I am constantly having to research each little thing in the code? Maybe I should just go back and do the basic javascript challenges again but I am not sure.

I’m just adding to this that after I wrote this I had a lightbulb moment and began to figure out each step using pseudo code and really began to solve the problems a lot easier because each problem was broken down in steps in which I could just read search ask individual steps and that helped me solve two of the problems in the last 2 hours. I guess the struggle helped me to understand solving the problems better.

I think it’s definitely a very common feeling among people learning to program. I’m glad you figured out what worked for you! pseudo code is a great way to break down a problem, especially because it (for the most part) separates the language from the logic.

I remember when I was first trying to learn C, it took me a good couple of months of being frustrated and confused before I really felt like I could approach basic problems without a tutorial or helping hand. I personally feel like in CS, there aren’t a whole lot of easy to find resources that teach people how to problem solve like a programmer. It’s moreso dominated by people teaching the core concepts of a language or teaching individual techniques, but not necessarily how to use them together.

To give credit to everyone trying though, that’s a pretty hard thing to teach.