Boo who help needed

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function booWho(bool) {
  // What is the new fad diet for ghost developers? The Boolean.
  return typeof bool === "boolean";


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your code seems absolutely correct …
Try this
function booWho(bool) { return typeof bool === 'boolean'; } booWho(null);

yes it was a mistake i wanted to ask another question related to the same test and i found its already posted and i cannot delete it

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it’s okay


thank you maan am just having a tough day with Basic Algorithm Scripting

Keep going man am just little ahead of you currently on “functional Programming”

trying to solve this challenges some its a must i go read the hints or even get solutions from there i feel demoralized. Maybe am not the only who is going through the same.

Soon everything start getting inside your brain and you feel fun doing it

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thank you maan am planing to start javascript30 before starting frontend libraries how do you think?

better don’t skip anything

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